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Digital/e-marketing/web marketing/digital marketing/electronic marketing represents all the strategies adopted via a digital tool (computer, smartphone) to reach its target or make a sale. In other words, it’s marketing through the internet.

Benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing has taken on the outreach of the Internet and has exploded with social networks. Initially, it was traditionally a saturation of advertising to attract as many prospects as possible that proved ineffective over time (for lack of personalized advertising message) to give way to marketing inbound or content marketing that involves creating impactful content that attracts visitors to websites (online companies) to convert them into a prospect and then a customer. The latter is quite effective in terms of results and is appreciated by all in these terms that it allows:


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  1. To have a target and reach it quickly.
  2. Direct interactions with customers that help personalize the offer and better satisfy customers.
  3. Loyalty through customer satisfaction and ongoing follow-up.
  4. Easy contacts (prospects).
  5. Unlimited customer availability.
  6. Generates trust, branding and reliability through quality content and direct interaction.
  7. Expands its market nationally and internationally in one time labs from remote custom offerings.
  8. It is less expensive compared to a physical shop or a real advertising campaign.
  9. Salespeople who are lightened in their task because they already have a database of potential customers.
Benefits of digital marketing

Let’s see how we can better understand these benefits in depth.

1- Have a target and reach it

Indeed, unlike traditional marketing that merely makes mass advertising, digital marketing allows to have a target that will be called buyer persona or the avatar that allows to focus its energy on the person likely to make a purchase that is more profitable.

Targeting can be found from the sponsorship of ads on social networks and ADWORDS ads (Google ads) when sponsoring site links for search ads (SEM) or display ads (advertisements popular sites that operate in a specific area).

2- Direct customer interactions that help personalize the offer and better satisfy customers

Direct interactions with customers come from internal messaging or comments on a business page on social networks. They provide a better understanding of clients’ concerns and respond to them based on their needs.

This is the peculiarity of social networks that make it a real sales tool.

A real contact between the company and its customers is created with the possibility of answering questions. A sense of confidence and reliability is born in the prospect who finds direct satisfaction with his problems.

Note: Websites already offer dialog boxes that detect online leads.

3- Loyalty ensured by customer satisfaction and ongoing follow-up

Customer loyalty is the fact that a customer subscribes to your products or services. This loyalty is triggered when the customer is satisfied during his consumption.

However, customer satisfaction is not limited to consumption. It starts from the service in all customer contact points until the customization of the offer before ending at consumption. It is therefore a staggered satisfaction that integrates the buying process.

This will be about online customer satisfaction and tracking that integrates the personalization of the offer through easy communication (message box, interactivity).

4- Easy contacts (prospects)

Easy contacts or prospects in digital marketing are possible simply because you just need to target your audience on Google ADWORDS or on social networks and quietly wait for potential customers to start reacting by click ingoning on the link or on the publication.

Unlike the traditional practice of putting on the go and the results not in line with the budget or the energy expended, digital marketing is a facilitator.

Sitting on your desk or from your room, you simply target your buyer persona (people who may have a need corresponding to your offer) and you simply wait for the first reactions that will allow you to redirect to the google through social networks or the results of Google Analytics (a Google tool that translates traffic results on a website based on pre-configured business objectives).

5- Unlimited customer availability

This setting is possible thanks to the concept of digital marketing that does not require any particular place to receive its customers or to hire a customer.

All you need is your portable digital tool and a data connection to work full-time and on the go in a car, a supermarket…

Because the conversation is virtual, there is no place to work.

6- Generates trust, branding and reliability through quality content and direct interactions

The particularity of digital marketing is above all the notoriety and brandimage it brings to companies.

Indeed, many of the private equity (S.A) companies that already have market influence still feel the need to move into digital; this to maintain the image they have of their customers and further increase trust by content that lives up to their services.

Quality content remains the main element of visitor reliability and conversion.


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Benefits of digital marketing

7- Expands its market nationally or internationally in one time labs from remote custom offerings

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing is internationalizing but in a different way. Traditionally, it is essential to communicate on a local media outlet of the exporting country before hoping for sales or having a representative in the export country or even to travel to make promotions.

With digital, everything changes:

All you need is a website and/or an online shop that offers services or products that may be accepted by the market in the target country.
An international online payment system in this case PayPal for remote invoice payments.
Make sure you have a section to your site written in the native language of the export country.
Do a market study using Google’s keyword research tools beforehand.

8- Less expensive compared to a physical shop or a real advertising campaign.

The website represents the company in digital. It therefore has all the necessary elements that a company requires to function well. That said, if you do in the services or if you are an intermediary, you can do without the local unless you do raw e-commerce that requires a stock of goods as such.

If you want to compare the price of a paid plan for a site monthly or annually with that of a space to rent for a company, you will only be surprised. Moreover, the advertising budget in digital marketing represents only a penny of a traditional advertising campaign (televisions, radios, billboards, etc.).

9- Salespeople who are lightened in their duties because they have a database of potential customers

The role of salespeople in a business is to get the prospect to buy. Before the advent of digital, the salesperson went on field canvassing in search of potential customers to have contacts that they could relaunch in return in the case of business to consumer and offers services to companies in exchange a discharge they could follow via contact on the landfill or the directory taken beforehand in the case of business to business.

The rise of digital has changed the game of the business: each social network is adapted to a specific type of business.

It’s about searching for leads online through a website (online presence) for people looking for a company like ours (search results on search engines) and going into the right social networks to bring the target back to the website so that it can be converted into a prospect: it’s inbound marketing.

The salesperson is then lightened in his task because he draws his prospects directly from the level of conversion results that will allow him to have the email address and/or telephone contact that will help the conversion of the prospect into a customer.

Benefits of digital marketing

In the end, it could be said that the evolution of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has only improved marketing by promoting a target (buyer persona), limiting the budget of advertising campaigns, facilitating (less energy quest for customers to ensure a good return on investment.

In short, the inbound marketing (digital marketing that drives the prospect to take an interest in a company/product/service by quality content that corresponds to his expectations) ensures the brand image, notoriety and generates the prospects that are needed to realize the turnover why Marketing Pro registers to ensure the necessary techniques that allow to increase traffic on your site and turn visitors into prospect, then customer and finally a loyal customer.

We have a duty to grow your online business for consistent results.


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Digital Marketing – The Evolution of Digital Marketing – Marketing Pro

Marketing until the end of the 20th century was still based on expensive and very physical communication for some companies. You had to travel to communicate about the characteristics of a product or service and vice versa for the consumer or communicate through the television media that are expensive for some companies. The sales effort was not only strategic but also physical and expensive.

If marketing is being digitized, it is because technology is constantly increasing and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is no less.

Initially, it was desktops, then laptops (laptop, MacBook) and finally came Android phones.

The Android phone is the latest creativity. It is a mobile phone that gives access to a data connection to be able to connect to search engines and social networks. It facilitates Internet access that can now be made possible by anyone with an Android phone.

The Android phone is the main factor that has contributed to the explosion of digital marketing because it is accessible to all which leads to the charitable evolution of mobile marketing.


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How did digital marketing come about?

How has digital marketing evolved?

What about digital marketing to the present day (2019)?

These are our concerns in this article.

Digital marketing tool


Digital marketing is marketing through the Internet that uses all digital media. These were the websites initially in the form of flyers, then they evolved into dynamic sites and finally came social networks.

The advent of social networks has increasingly involved people in digital, especially from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… that allow many to flourish from their personal publications (aesthetic photos, family photos, easy communication, reunion) which will lead to a real digital world.

The Internet is becoming a real opportunity for businesses.

Therefore, mobile marketing is becoming more exciting (marketing which consists of adapting its website to any mobile device to facilitate the user experience) because of the tendency of individuals to do research and browse their mobile since their living room.



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The explosion of the Internet has digitalized marketing because nearly two billion of the world’s population are connected daily. The sales effort remains strategic but less expensive, abstract (not physical) and more effective because remotely we can reach the target audience for our services, conclude a sale or a business plan.

In Cameroon, we will talk about 3,500,000 active accounts monthly at Facebook, 560,000 at LinkedIn, 470,000 on Instagram and 77,600 on twitter in 2019 which represents a large national market and 2.234 billion international facebook, 1900 billion to You Tube, 1 billion to Instagram, 335 million to Twitter, 303 million to LinkedIn for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Statistics of digital marketing 2019

It is in this logic that Marketing Pro is located to ensure visibility, marketing, branding, notoriety and permanent contact for this large market that represents the digital population notably from the trades of the social media management of community management and web development.

Building your business nationally and internationally is our priority.


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