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As stated in one of our articles on entrepreneurship:

The entrepreneur is the one who is always on the lookout for knowledge to constantly improve his business in order to innovate his techniques and services when we know that consumer habits are changing and technology is constantly increasing .

That said, if we want to analyse current consumer behaviour, the 2019 statistics detailed here show that many of the world’s population (consumers) are connected which represents a digital market. This is also the main indicator of the growth and importance of digital marketing.

In addition to this huge opportunity, it is also an awareness for companies that are still lagging behind to set up shop on social networks to expand their business, build a lasting relationship with their fan community, ensure their image of and therefore preserve the company’s development.

So today in the face of the good numbers of social networks and software available, we want to know what are the social networks and basic software of a beginner entrepreneur that is to say tools with which any entrepreneur should start. These are Facebook, Instagram and wordpress. Why did we quote them? That is the question that is the subject of our article.

Digital marketing tools


Facebook’s top social network in 2019 is the most popular social network in fact considering its ranking in the world. The platform is the most visited, i.e. there is also a lot of opportunity.

With its structure that allows the opening of links in its publications, recommended upload size is 1,200 x 630 pixels. Will appear with a maximum width of 470 pixels in Facebook feed. Will appear on a Facebook page with a maximum width of 504 pixels.

Facebook Shared Link Images :

Similar to shared images, shared link images have an optimal size of 1,200 x 627 pixels. Keep these guidelines close by when uploading shared link images:

  • Square photo has a minimum upload size of 154 x 154 pixels in feed.
  • Square photo has a minimum upload size of 116 x 116 pixels on page.
  • Rectangular photo has a minimum upload size of 470 x 246 in feed.
  • Rectangular photo has a minimum upload size of 484 x 252 on page.

Source : https://www.inc.com/larry-kim/your-one-stop-facebook-image-sizes-cheat-sheet.html

Facebook is highly advised for site owners, blog and promoters of products or services, to expand their activities through professional pages in order to sponsor to reach more people or, in groups to get Discover. All in all, the professional page offers a greater opportunity to reach as many people as possible at a cost more than affordable.

Whether in business to business or business to consumer, the platform is full of all these opportunities. It is the place par excellence to expand its business and make itself known in addition, they have innovated with recruitment that allows each professional page owner considered a business leader can design job offers that can receive resumes. It is therefore a great business environment, a perfect place of business.

Facebook, Visage, Facebook Icon


Instagram ranked the world’s second largest social network in 2019 continues to prove itself in view of the high potential for interaction seen on its publications.

In the past, digital marketing experts used to say, Instagram is the social network that specializes in business to consumer. However, the platform is constantly growing in view of its very high and encouraging interaction capacity for entrepreneurs; which could arouse the instincts of some business-to-business entrepreneurs. Also, these companies based in business to consumer represent targets for business to business companies. So Instagram is rocking, this network is also becoming an incredible opportunity.

The first richness of Instagram is the imposing image when you know that the image represents the number one factor of conversion on social networks

Instagram offers pixel-based photos :

  • Square (1:1 aspect ratio):
    600×600 pixels (minimum)
    1936×1936 pixels (maximum)
  • Landscape (1.91:1 aspect ratio):
    600×315 pixels (minimum)
    1936×1936 pixels (maximum)
  • Portrait (4:5 aspect ratio):
    600×750 pixels (minimum)
    1936×1936 pixels (maximum)

Source : https://louisem.com/37587/whats-the-best-instagram-image-size

Instagram posts are accompanied by a descriptive comment that unlike other social networks, it appears rather at the bottom of the image and discreetly making the instagram photo impressive, and more beautiful if it is well built in the first place.

With this photo format, many communicators have understood that the image being the advantage of Instagram, it must convey the maximum message. Therefore, the text format will be combined to establish its message in an image which should not exclude marketing commentary because it values the publication more.

The viewing structure of the Instagram profile can be in the form of a table or scrolling, the platform offers very aesthetic accounts that do not allow the direct opening of links why, everything is focused on the bio that can collect key information and open links to sites.

Instagram, Insta, Logo De Instagram


In addition to its link to the facebook account, twitter, tumblr that is to say possibility on Instagram to publish on the three networks simultaneously, the system of subscriber acquisition is more than easy to build a community very quickly to Instagram. It is the most free social network ie from zero if you have a service to offer, an ideology to defend, you do it properly to Instagram. I give you all the secrets in an e-book that I am preparing entitled Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century and whose release will be communicated to you on all digital channels. Contact me marketingnumeriquepro@gmail.com if necessary.


Instagram’s second social network, is a must nowadays for any entrepreneur; because not only is it suitable for a novice entrepreneur i.e. not having a strong financial capacity, but also the platform is full of a billion active users made up of consumers and businesses.

People who have an Instagram account may be apparent civilians but business leaders elsewhere. It is therefore a great business environment that can trigger your business, in addition to its strong ability to interact that will give you proof of your work. Here are the steps to follow if you want to make money from Instagram: https://blog.hootsuite.com/how-to-make-money-on-instagram/

All in all, not only can you promote your business but also you can represent a company on your account if you are an influencer with a strong ability to interact.

It’s crazy that we make money for free provided we have a smartphone and nice photo relevant. Then it’s your turn.

Note : All social networks have a feature necessary for the development of your business, this article is about digital marketing tools for a beginner entrepreneur.

For the wide range of social networks, we have LinkedIn specializing in business development business to business (B to B) and recruitment that have updated their privacy policy which I invite you to consult here , Twitter excellent for publishing and expanding blog sites and its GIfFs integrated with publications, You tube leader in clothing and video advertising…

social media, Arbre, Structure


We will never stop saying it enough, the site is the number one representative of your online business ie the website is your business in digital, a way to give all the image you want your customers to perceive.

Article to read: the role of a website

So what is the best content magement system that can help you design your website properly? this is WordPress. Why this CMS? quickly we list the basic reasons:

  • A simplified site creation procedure
  • Edition of your content via a publisher in words format
  • Free media library
  • Opportunity to have a site for free
  • A multitude of theme for the design of your free and premium site
  • A dashboard rich in features such as statistics of your visits, marketing tools (social networks, mailchimp …)
Wordpress logo, Logo de WordPress

WordPress yes the favorite is the best fast and efficient design software of a website for a beginner entrepreneur and for a professional entrepreneur in these terms:


Website owners are not necessarily computer experts which is why designing a website can seem frustrating if it is complicated or even discouraging when it comes to code. Fortunately WordPress has thought about it and makes available to its public a simplified procedure via wordpress.com which consists simply of entering a valid email address, a password, a domain name for your site and oops your site is already created, a Very fast six-step procedure that doesn’t require expertise just a little bit of personal information.

Then, instead of the configuration that consists of choosing a theme in the theme library available free for the layout of the menu and content of your site, in fifteen minutes top time you own a site ready to be visited.


Indeed, after designing a site through the theme chooses, place to content.

Content is the number one element that expresses the role and values of your business. this is the text you write for your homepage, menus, representative photos and blog posts. This is in other words the root of your website.

To make it easier for you, WordPress content is written through a word-in-the-box editor that allows you to type your text, process it, add links, images, PDFs, call to action… via the editor’s menu


This is a very crucial element in the design of a website: the appropriate professional images. A setting that would have resorted to a professional photographer and generate additional expenses, fortunately wordpress is still the place to provide you with the right solution: its free media library free to use that contains thousands of photos based on different topics (food, family, entrepreneur, digital, landscape, fitness…).


What good news to wordpress, still free, decidedly all to zero Dollar, Euro or franc CFA. It’s so beautiful that you’d dare to believe it. you own a website in fifteen minutes with beautiful images and a domain name all from scratch is miraculous.

The only peculiarity is that the free plan with the domain name worpress.com.

Example: If your redgated name is marketingnumeriquepro.com, with a free plan it will be marketingnumeriquepro.wordpress.com

An excellent plan that allows you to start and update your site and even more to build your blog that you can call info, news, news … based on your preferences and that will inform your visitors or subscribers about your company’s values, services or products. see the article how to build a blog here

NOTE : the articles of your blog must be written in ascending order, i.e. based on the principle of the history and creation of your company, its services, the role of its services… Check out our blog for a sketch of the staggered articles that is ranked from the newest to the oldest.


As stated above, the theme is the setting that organizes the layout of the menu and content of your site this implies the font, the position of social menus (social networks), the position of the main menu, the position of the image of the home page , the company’s logo… WordPress offers a multitude of free and premium (paying) theme that will allow you to redesign your site all suitable for computer and mobile playback that you can test to choose the one that suits you best.

This is also the peculiarity of WordPress software which offers responsive sites (adapted to computers and mobiles) for a better user experience (users, mobile users).


Among the features available to site owners via the wordpress dashboard, we have:

*Very important statistics to track the evolution of your business; is displayed here by country, pages and articles visited, place of origin of the visit (social networks, search engines, email, wordpress reader …) and for accuracy, WordPress has a large community also owners of WordPress site that can view your site via the wordpress reader or view your posts instantly by email if they subscribe to your blog.

digital marketing tools

*The marketing menu that has the role of activating the marketing of your site namely sharing tabs on social networks, automation of sharing on social networks, link to mailchimp gold gold that allows the integration of newsletter forms on the pages you desire.

To name a few, the site’s dashboard is packed with even more functionality that will help you track your site’s activity and add all the functions necessary for your site to run smoothly and evolve. An example of a site designed with the software wordpress.com https://marketingnumeriquepro.com/ to visit absolutely and bring your impressions back to comments.


Being an entrepreneur is a responsible decision, but to succeed, you must be accompanied by effective tools adapted to the current consumer context and to achieve and measure your return on investment in this case tools such as Websites, social networks, the newsletter all measurable from statistical results that will allow you to better understand your communication, adapt it and finally gain efficiency.I list you manuals designed specifically to better understand and practice in the Worpress software and that will further improve your knowledge on WordPresss the simplest, most complete and most practical software in the world.




Social Networks – The Role of Social Networks – Marketing Pro

Social networks, as the name suggests, are networks that allow everyone to navigate regardless of gender or class. However, like any good activity, they have lines to hold. This is the case of digital social networks in this case Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

How are social networks born?

How do social networks work?

What is the real role of social networks and its value to a company?

These are all questions that we will be able to resolve as a result of this article.

Social network

Indeed, social networks are born long after the appearance of websites and emails to allow users to share photos/videos, memories, and even more stories and opinions with all their knowledge simultaneously (grouped message) at non-measurable distances (outside borders). They therefore form communities that communicate and exchange written and audiovisual information.

This is the communication revolution at a very low cost.


Thank you

It will only take a penny to have a data connection and be able to communicate with a long-time friend, family or close a deal.

Further on, social networks do not only have a sustainable aspect of communication (communicating constantly with an interlocutor has thousands of km, they also raise a marketing and sales aspect. We will then talk about a sales group and a business page.



All social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) have a common element at the base namely the profile. As a result, they differ in the type of publication and the operation.


The profile represents a person’s personal information. It is possible to be created only from an email address. The profile is what you cannot ask an acquaintance to ask an acquaintance, belong to a group, subscribe to a page or post content on social networks. More than that, thanks to the profile you can create a group or a page.


We will study the different social networks on a case-by-case basis.


Facebook is the leading social network to date because it represents nearly two billion active users worldwide in 2019.

It’s the most demanding platform. It works with profiles for friend connections, groups and business pages.

The group

The group consists of an admin that establishes a charter on which the group and moderators (optional) will operate. It can be public (publications visible to non-members) or closed (publications visible exclusively by members). It can be a sales group (sales of articles by members) or discussion on a specific topic everything will depend on the objectives of the admin and its moderators. The customization options are possible in the settings.

The page
The page represents the company on the social network. It consists of an admin, a publisher (optional), a moderator (optional), an advertiser (optional), an analyst (optional).

It is the ultimate sales tool because it is the interface between the visitor and the company through its publications and comments and allows better customer tracking from its internal messaging that stores the history of conversations. What’s more, the page allows the targeting of publications through sponsored ads to direct its advertising message directly to the target, which will ensure a good return on investment. It is up to the social media manager to take advantage of the information collected from Internet users and to improve his sales strategy.



Instagram is the second largest social network with one billion active users worldwide in 2019. It is originally based on sharing beautiful photos and has the distinction of working better with haschtags.

Instagram also has bands but most of them are closed. We’ll just talk about professional pages for Instagram for growth goals:

Creating a professional page on Instagram is like creating an Instagram profile that will be turned into a professional page in the settings if it’s a business so you can check the statistics for good page management needs.

Unlike Facebook, this is not about making friend requests like profiles, but about directly following the people and companies that interest us except those who have set up their accounts and who will need to confirm our « follow. »

Instagram is now linked to Facebook which gives us the ability to link our professional Instagram account to its Facebook-matching account so that we can post simultaneously on both networks. All in all, as we said above, you should always associate matching and popular hashtags with your Instagram posts to spread your posts and be known. Sponsorship is not excluded.

social networks


LinkedIn is the third largest social network with a total of 610 million active users worldwide in 2019. It is the social network specializing in Business to Business and Recruitment. LinkedIn also works through a profile, hashtags and groups. It is almost similar to Facebook.



Twitter is the fourth social network. It is just build a profile with a name whether it’s a name like a profile or a business name. It allows you to make tweets (short messages quantified as much as possible by the network) and sponsor them to get subscribers. Twitter works much more with the hashtags to hit the target as well as with the method of tracking our potential customers but does not have a group. it is an information network that informs about current events.


NB: All social networks have an internal email button that allows subscribers to receive messages and follow them to address their concerns. They receive operating updates at times but the operating root remains unchanged as explained above

In the end, we can say that social networks are a communication and sales tool for a company because they allow the distribution of advertisements and interactions. Then, thanks to social networks you expand your audience towards the target (inbound marketing).

Need a social media manager or community manager, a webmaster, contact Marketing Pro directly at the following addresses:

Tel/whatsapp: 6 76 01 40 63

E-mail: marketingnumeriquepro@gmail.com

Happy to serve you.


Thank you


What is a social network?

The social network is a digital platform that allows anyone to register to have a personal account, to post images or texts and to interact with an interlocutor at distances not measurable for personal purposes. it’s internet communication.

How do I access social networks?

It all depends on the network. None just require an email address to register for the example of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You tube …; others require a pre-download on Google play store before registering with a phone number like whatsapp for example.

What is the role of social networks?

Social networks are communication tools. They have an international communication facilitation role at a low cost. They serve as communication and sales tools for a company.

How many social networks are there?

They are quite numerous and are still born. We can quote: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, Whatsapp, Skype, Vimeo, TikTok, Pinterest, SnapChat…

What are the best social networks for a company?

We classify social networks according to their popularity. In 2019, they are classified as follows: Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter …