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The sales funnel is the preferred word when it comes to organizing advertising campaigns in digital marketing. It’s the method par excellence that makes digital marketing so relevant and effective: targeting.

It’s about targeting your buyer persona first, then your audience based on the buyer persona’s behavior in front of your ads because the behavior determines the level of commitment to the products or services you offer. It is a selection method that takes into account customer potential.

Sale funnel

What are the steps of the digital marketing sales funnel?

What is the difference between the social media sales funnel and in Inbound marketing?

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Before getting to the heart of the matter, what is the significant definition of the sales funnel to better understand and detail it.


The sales funnel or buying process are the different steps that an avatar or buyer persona carries to become a customer. As the name suggests, it is the tunnel that leads to the purchase. These are the steps you have arranged yourself to qualify the prospect at each level of the funnel or buying process to make it a customer of the company.

It’s a method that detects potential customers who are judged based on their reactions to the offers you publish.

The sales funnel has the same principle on all digital channels:

*To be known by his audience or stage of awareness and awareness

*Deepen one’s existence or stage of consideration

*Stand out for sale or closing step

*Retarget to revive the customer



This is about introducing you to your target audience to show them that you exist and that you can be useful to them in solving a particular problem. This is the stage where you will give an image of yourself because these are the first impressions that will determine the continuation of your adventure.

Tip: you need to remove a problem and present your structure as the one that has the solution to the problem mentioned.

If it’s graphic ads, you can do it in three publications because each post represents a specific message. The first could talk about the problem to be solved and the solution you bring, the second of the origins of your business and its purpose, the third of the different services you offer.

If it’s video ads, you can do it in a video where you’ll put the various topics mentioned above explicitly and orderly in a generally recommended one-minute duration.

For the funnel of sales with video confers :

All in all, publications need to be phased in more and more for consistency.


This step of the sales tunnel is to talk more about the benefits of your products/services and their benefits to your prospects. This is the stage where you must automatically target people who have expressed an interest in liking the page, liking the publication, visiting the site, reading the video because it is your prospects. Those who have an idea of you and who might be more interested in the future of your messages.

The number of posts or videos will depend on the message you want to convey. One thing to remember is clear, explicit and interesting.


This is the funnel stage that allows you to target people who are asking questions and highlight its competitive strengths, your particularity that makes your offers a unique offer in the market.

This particularity will demonstrate the value of your offers and may encourage the purchase. These are one or more advantages that set you apart from your competitors and make your products/services special.

As for Step 2, the number of post or video will depend on what you have to say.


This is the last step of the funnel which consists of retargeting the prospects who have reacted but without switching to the purchase or subscription. You can offer them free gifts, discounts on products/services, contest games to direct them to an act of purchase or subscription.

Sale funnel


The client at the plumber’s house contacts us to carry out his advertising campaigns on digital because we explained that it is more efficient and less expensive.

We will use social networks to expand its market and enhance its hardware products.

First, we can start with Facebook and Instagram who specialize in business to consumer and linkedIn as a result because for hardware products, contractors (construction companies) could be Interested.

We will start with the role of hardware for a house, then the creation of the purpose and the various services of the plumber’s house (awareness, awareness of the role of hardware products and the existence of the plumber’s house) .

Then, engage in a second targeting for people who have come forward to talk to them about the benefits in a specific and explicit sense of each product quincailler of the plumber’s house (being considered).

In a third phase, we will highlight the special assets to stand out and make a difference. It can be a price policy, a product guarantee, a free delivery…

Finally, we will retarget prospects who have come forward in stage 3 (above) to offer them promotions or gifts that will push them to buy.

Note: We want to make it clear that we are talking about a much more target sales tunnel. This is the very expression of targeting when everyone who has seen the ads will not react in the same way at the same time.

Hearings will be formed based on the reactions of Internet users that will allow you to have a target and get the message across. It is a kind of sieve that evolves by sorting out the most interested and emerging from the targets this thanks to Google analytic for websites, Google ADS for video sites, Facebook ADS or advertising campaign tools of each social network.

Sale funnel


If we want to take the example of our client the plumber’s house, if he feels the need to have online orders, online payments which is a very good strategy to facilitate transactions and tracking, we will use the site Internet that will allow these operations and permanent personal follow-up of the customer from the newsletters.

At this moment, it will no longer be able to organize only advertising campaigns to sell the hardware products but it will be a question of organizing advertising campaigns to sell the hardware products and attract visitors to the website to turn them into prospects within the means of CTA (Call To Action) inserted in the written articles.

We explain ourselves in the following points.


In marketing, this step is similar to that of social networks to know how to raise awareness of its existence. Social networks remain the essential element of communication. We can add display (advertisements on other websites with high traffic), advertisements on video sites (you tube, vimeo).


The step that allows to engrave its existence to be considered. In short mark the name of the company in the memory of Internet users through the qualities of your products or services.

Unlike social networks that will talk about the benefits of products/services in a thorough way to its target audience, ininbound marketing it will be a matter of highlighting blog posts to highlight the CTAs that will collect visitors via the forms to contact them again.

Here, natural referencing, SEM, social networks, displays, video sites all have their roles to play.


This stage of the funnel refers to the sale for both methods. For social networks, while it is a matter of talking in particular about the competitive advantages to its target audience, in Inbound marketing it is the stage of transforming the prospect into a customer through the means of newsletters that will play a role of lead nurturing ( maturity of the prospect) and then selling.


The last stage of the funnel but very important. It’s remarketing.

For social networks, it consists of retargeting active people who have not made a significant act of buying or subscribing to a product or service in order to pass promotions or contests, gifts that will boost so-called sales or Services. In short, turn these active people into customers.

In inbound marketing, this step will be added to that displays, video sites and in addition newsletters to boost customers and retain them.

Note: Social networks are a tool of inbound marketing. They act at the communication level to bring the target back to the website, although even at the social network level, publications are increasingly scantily-defunct as explained above. There will be marriage with blog posts to be consistent. Also, always as a communicator, they have a role to maintain the community, i.e. to retain it.


In the end, we can conclude that the sales funnel represents the planning of digital advertising campaigns that is done in a specific order to determine the target audience in order to communicate the appropriate message. It applies in any digital advertising action to get the best results because as we all know the target represents the richness of digital marketing.


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Inbound marketing- What is inbound marketing- Marketing Pro

Inbound marketing refers to all the techniques to be adopted to attract a prospect to a company, product or service with content that meets its expectations. It is a question of looking at the potential customers who represent the basis of turnover. It takes place by the inefficiency of the traditional marketing or marketing outbound.

Indeed, the outbound marketing (traditional marketing) was to multiply mass advertising in order to get customers in the mass. This marketing is becoming more and more ineffective because we are betting on the heap, a simple game of chance that not only costs money because you have to produce as much advertising as possible to convince, but does not bring the desired results for the reasons energy, finance and time are not being used wisely.


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Outbound marketing does not take into account the customer’s buying process, a very important step in marketing that allows the avatar (people with a customer profile) to be transformed into a prospect and finally a loyal customer.

The following questions arise:

  1. How to have targeted communication in order to directly reach the customer profile.
    2. What is the buying process still called a sales funnel?
    3. What are the benefits of inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing strategies


Internet marketing has felt the need to customize its advertisements to be more efficient, i.e. to make publications targeted to the needs of the prospect who can therefore be quickly interested. For this, we have tools like:

Professional pages on social networks that will allow ads to be targeted to the buyer persona profile (people with a customer profile)

Google ADS for targeting ads on search engines and video sites. These include:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) again called a search ad that consists of bidding on keywords corresponding to its content to be positioned on the first Google search results for people who will search for companies similar to what you’re proposing.

Display advertising, which consists of making graphic, written, audio or video displays on high-traffic sites that offer advertising space

Advertising on video sites in occurrence You Tube or Viméo that allows you to edit your own videos and target your avatar or to buy advertising spaces on other people’s videos that you find relevant depending on the traffic.

All in all, targeted communication is the fundamental element of inbound marketing and is explained even better when Internet users start to react after the first awareness targeting on its service or product. This will be referred to as a sales funnel still called a sales tunnel, a step that transforms the visitor into a customer.


As the name suggests, the sales funnel are the different steps an avatar go through to become a customer of the company. It is defined by a user’s behaviour towards a publication or website. This is a very crucial step, which is itself subdivided into different stages, which will allow the advertising message to be adapted according to the commitment of the prospect. These include:

1. Raise awareness

2. Convert

3. Closing

4. Loyalty


This is the first step in the inbound marketing that consists of getting known by its customers from social networks, targeted advertising Google (displays, video sites).
It involves raising awareness of your avatar (people with a customer profile) to show them that you are present and that you have interesting things that might be useful to them. This is the widest part of the funnel because it encompasses the maximum audience likely to be interested in your offers.

However, expecting a good natural and paid referencing because quickly made interested prospects could search you on search engines.


This is the second step in marketing inbound marketing, which involves targeting your audience of people who have visited your website and showing them more about the values of your products or services by highlighting forms and blog posts. (call to action) to convert them into a prospect.

Conversion is the process that allows visitors to be turned into prospects through the means of the CTA (downloading an e-book, subscription to the newsletter, free consultation, free advice, webinars …) that will collect contact information visitors to contact them again afterwards. here, natural referencing, blogs, social networks, SEM, displays and video sites will be needed.


This is the third stage of the marketing inbound yet called the sales stage. It consists of maturing the prospect from newsletters through emails collected from CTAs to better demonstrate the value of your products or services. You could highlight in e-mails your particular assets, your competitive advantages, customer testimonials, your statistics… to encourage the customer to switch to purchase. It’s a personalized follow-up.


Customer loyalty requires consumer satisfaction and constant contact with the customer. This permanent contact will be possible thanks to marketing emails (newsletters) that will allow to offer new offers adapted to the customer’s previous purchases and social networks that have a role to maintain his community and therefore the customer loyalty.

Retargeting will be necessary at this stage to enable the relaunch of customers who have visited the site but without an act of purchase or subscription. It has a role to push to purchase this through free gifts, contests organized to entice the prospect to go shopping or subscribe to the newsletter.


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The scheme is simple: Visitors become prospects who become potential customers who become loyal customers (brand ambassadors) drive revenue growth.

Inboundmarketing strategies


On the face of it, inbound marketing is the strategy par excellence that ensures the return on investment. It is less expensive compared to the outbound strategy. It focuses on the potential customer who is more likely to make purchases and thus enable the realization of turnover.

*Promotes content marketing : Content marketing, which consists of developing relevant quality content (articles, videos, graphics, marketing messages) to mark the attention of visitors, creates a beautiful image for a company and the Values.

*Allows you to have an online contact list through CTAs.

*Measurable : one of the specifics of inbound marketing are the results of its measurable advertising campaigns through statistics (Google analytic, Google ADS, pixel Facebook, Facebook ADS …) that will allow a good entry of its strategy marketing and therefore better improvement.

*Sustainable with customer loyalty tools such as social networks and newsletters.

400% of companies that have adopted inbound marketing find that their marketing strategy is more effective.
The cost of acquiring a prospect decreases by 80%.
Inbound leads are 60% less expensive than outbound prospects.
Companies that adopt inbound marketing generate 54% more prospects.
Statistical source:

Contact Marketing Pro, an inbound marketing specialist, to create quality content that can impact the target. We design a site that reflects your company and we bring the target back to your site through social networks, natural referencing and Google ads.

We provide sales, branding, communication and customer follow-up to create leads and turn them into loyal customers.


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